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We Would Like To Welcome You in Our Website MastiChat . We are really happy You Have Joined Us Here, Its Good To See New & Old Faces. We Hope You Will Enjoy Your Time With Us And Hopefully Stay with Us And Help Us To Make This Grow Into a Nice Chat Community. Thank You !!!

​​​-: MastiChat Website Rules :-


  • MastiChat does not monitor chat rooms neither we keep records & logs of the discussions happens in chat rooms mains or in private chats. it uses third party server & services (i.e. ) Users enter at their own risk. Users hold all responsibility for what they experience in chat rooms.
  • The IRC services of the network, including the chat rooms, are not for use by children. Such users will be removed if found, whenever possible. Children and minors are not allowed in chat rooms Chat holds no responsibility for children and minors who enter the chat rooms.
  • Parents hold all responsibility for monitoring the activities of their children and minors in chat rooms.
  • Once a person enters a chat room, they are responsible for any and all interactions that take place.
  • MastiChat holds no responsibility for the actions, outcomes, or words, of those in chat rooms.
  • MastiChat cannot guarantee that there will not be persons within chat rooms who use lewd, vulgar, insulting, profane, racist or sexual language.
  • Mastichat is not responsible for any results coming from information received/shared or people met in chat rooms.
  • MastiChat cannot guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, originality, of anything heard or shared or said within chat rooms.
  • MastiChat holds no responsibility for information received/shared and given within chat rooms.
  • MastiChat is not responsible for vulgar language heard/spoken within chat rooms.
  • MastiChat is not responsible for attacks on another person's race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender, anykind of harassment & neither is not responsible for those who try to promote products or businesses within chat rooms.
  • Those who accept any and all information received within chat rooms as fact hold responsibility for any and all outcomes of taking and acting on this information.

Channel & Nickname Management 


  • When connected, LibraIRC provides you way to protect your nickname by registering it and providing a password. You can set it up so anyone who tries to use your nickname gets kicked off that nickname if they don't use your password.
  • All nickname-related stuff goes through a LibraIRC bot called "NickServ" . To communicate with NickServ , you need to use a private message. For example, if you type in /msg NickServ help and hit enter, you will send a message to NickServ , who will respond with an automated reply on the various commands you can use with it.

To register your nick with NickServ, all you need to do is the following :

  1. Type: /msg Nickname  what ever you would like
  2. Type: /msg NickServ register a password valid@email.address
  3. Check your email for a response from ICQ-CHAT . Copy and paste the confirmation code found in the email, which should have the following format: /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER your-nickname ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

Once registered, you can do a number of things with your nickname,  For more information, make sure to /msg NickServ help.


  • Similar to NickServ, you can register a channel with ChanServ. This will provide you a way to get back your "operator" status (the @ symbol) in the channel even if you quit/part or lose it for some other reason. It will also provides various other utilities to help you manage and enjoy your channel.

These are the steps you need to take to register a channel :

  1. Type: /join #channel (Note: You will need operator status to register the channel. You will only get this by either 1. joining an empty room, or 2. having another channel operator give it to you.)
  2. Type: /msg ChanServ register #channel
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